About Great-Gut

The organic acids in Great Gut are what really separate it from all other probiotic products on the market. The organic acids are not added to the product but they are a natural by-product created during the fermentation process. Organic acids lower the pH in the GI tract, creating unfavorable conditions for harmful bacteria like salmonella to survive.

This results in reduced uptake of harmful bacteria by the horse and a smaller bacterial load within the GI tract. The reduction in overall bacterial load, in turn, reduces the competition between the host and its gut microflora for nutrients creating an ideal digestive environment.


Many probiotic-based products do not contain living, viable probiotics and certainly do not contain equine specific probiotics.  Great-Gut has over 1billion CFU's per 2 oz. serving which not only is a significant amount but is higher than most equine probiotics on the market. 
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