Specially formulated to enhance the digestive process. Made in the USA.

According to scientific studies, humans, horses, and animals have a large amount of beneficial bacteria and yeast inside their body. In previous times, horses were able to graze out in the open fields, thereby ingesting a wide variety of microorganisms that kept their gut healthy. In today’s times these animals do not have the same opportunity to indulge in nature’s finest selection of medicinal herbs and plants.   Evidence suggests that probiotics are immensely helpful for horses that have been prescribed antibiotics. Horses suffering from diarrhea and other chronic diseases of the intestine will also benefit from probiotics. Additionally, newborn foals, horses prone to allergies, highly active and geriatric horses should also be given the Great Gut Equine Probiotics to improve their health. 

The composition of the Great Gut Equine Probiotic contains nutrients to help boost the immunity of horses and make them stronger, and better able to make all nutrients immediately available from your current feed.  This product is specially designed to help your horse manage digestive stress caused by hay fluctuations, stress, competition, transport, surgery, hospitalization, disease, training, unhealthy diet – high grain, high starch – or changes in diet. 

Probiotics have recently become a huge focus among savvy consumers. Great-Gut is among a very few probiotic supplements on the equine market today that come in a liquid form and one of the only that does not require refrigeration.

Using Great-Gut probiotic supplement will ensure that your beloved horses intestinal and digestive tracts will stay healthy and free of disease  and help them by furthering their ability to perform at the highest levels but to also live a happy, healthy life no matter what discipline they are in.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Contains live probiotics
  • Contains microbial enzymes, symbiotic yeast, and prebiotics
  • Contains naturally occurring organic acids
  • pH balanced liquid to survive stomach acid
  • Assists in hind gut fermentation & pH balance
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Supports immune health
  • Promotes regularity
  • Easy to use
  • Great taste that horses love
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Each batch is tested for optimal product potency
  • Made in the USA
1 oz. per day for maintenance
2 oz. per day during times of stress including pre-event, post-event/recovery, transportation, injury, diet change, illness, antibiotic use and upset digestion. 

Draw up an ounce (or two) in the bottle, and pour it directly over the top of horses grain and thoroughly mix up. Alternately, you may use a syringe to squirt it straight in their mouth. The horses really love the taste of Great-Gut and I haven't had one turn it down yet.
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